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This is the summer edition to your awakening and reset. This summer reset guide is packed with  a 14 - day sample menu, grocery lists, detox tea list, tips for your success, exercise suggestions, snack options, delicious recipes, meal prep tips, exercise tips, oil free dressings, bonus meals, and so much more! 


Food is one of the most powerful ways we have to fuel our bodies, fuel our emotions, and most importantly, fuel our connection to God. The food that we eat can either bring out the best in us, or it can bring out the worst in us.


Are you feeling tired? Are you feeling sluggish? Is it hard to think clearly? Has your immune system been compromised? Are you in pain? Are you suffering from a chronic health condition? Are your symptoms getting worse? Are you experiencing headaches? Are you unable to sleep? Are you unable to lose weight? Are you unable to reach your health goals? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, a raw vegan food reset can help. 


Are you ready to begin your journey towards healing? This is the ultimate guide for a 14 - day reset with a summer twist.  This 81 page guide has everything you need to be successful on your health journey. 


Welcome to the best 14 day experience of eating and healing! This is absolutely life-changing. Your commitment is all it takes and your results will be beyond your expectations. 


Monique Diltz, Pharm. D

Summer Edition: 14-DAY RAW VEGAN RESET

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