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What's in Your Vitamin Case? Gingko Biloba

Having trouble concentrating? Look no further than Ginkgo Biloba. As a pharmacist at a store that fills nearly 1000 scripts a day and sells that many or more, I have to be alert at all times. I can name 3 to 4 tasks I am completing all at the same time, and at any given moment, every shift. And to top it all off, I have to be accurate. Being inaccurate could be deadly in my profession. I take ginkgo to help me focus and have seen a vast improvement in my concentration and level of speed and accuracy during my shifts.

Ginkgo helps improve blood flow to the brain and also blood circulation in the brain. Studies have shown gingko to be anti-inflammatory as well. Improved cognition can be seen within a few days to a few weeks of taking the medicinal herb.

Recommended doses are 60mg to 240mg. Start off with a low dosage and increase if necessary over time.

Monique Diltz

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