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What's in my vitamin case?

As a pharmacist I get asked this question everyday. I’m excited to talk about it because I am a health care provider that actually cares about my health. The very first thing I have in my vitamin case is a multivitamin. A women’s multi-vitamin. Is there really a difference? You might ask. Not every brand truly has a difference, it is mostly branding. But some brands may offer more iron for women or more folic acid for women. So it is always ok to choose a multivitamin specific to gender. The brand I prefer most is Nature Made. Nature Made is the only brand of vitamins and supplements to be rigorously tested by the United States Pharmacopeia. Being USP verified means that the bottle contains everything you see on the label. As you may or may not know, the FDA does not regulate vitamins or supplements. So you can be getting anything meaning what is in the bottle or not in the bottle for that matter. Choosing the right brand is very important when selecting a vitamin. Other brands that are very reliable include Whole Foods Market Brands (Gaia Organics, Garden of Life, HerbPharm, Dr. Formulated, or Raw Brands are my favorite).

Let's face it, what we are eating does not give us the necessary nutrients we need to function optimally so a multivitamin fills in these gaps. If you are always tired or getting sick frequently, begin taking a multivitamin regularly and you will begin to notice a difference.

What else is in my case? Stay tuned for more!

Monique Diltz

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