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SURPRISE - We Are Pregnant

We are so excited to announce our first pregnancy! We are SUPER THRILLED and OVERJOYED to begin this journey. Ronald and I had no idea we were pregnant until I noticed my menstrual cycle was unusually late in May. I'm talking 2 weeks late. I decided to take a pregnancy test and surprise Ron. He accidentally walked in on me waiting for the results in the bathroom. We both laughed about it as soon as he walked in. After laughing, we looked over and there it was, POSITIVE digital reading on the test. We both screamed and I jumped into Ron's arms. We both danced and embraced each other. We held each other and I started crying. WOW, We were pregnant! A little life was growing inside of me! Inside of us! Ron started getting tears in his eyes too. We knew our lives were changed forever. We immediately knelt down and prayed once we stopped sobbing and thanked God for our miracle.

The next few weeks I took it easy on the working out and limited myself to walking around the park or neighborhood. I had an OB/GYN but he only specialized in surgery and no longer delivered babies. We had to find a new office right away. It took me a couple weeks to find a great set of doctors in Central Florida. After doing some research and calling and speaking to some of the staff, I new the office we chose was the best for our baby. When we made our first appointment to confirm our pregnancy, we were filled with anxiety and anticipation. We held each other's hand as we walked in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed our little nugget was implanted in my uterus. We were indeed pregnant. We made calls to our mothers and fathers to let them know they were going to be grandparents in January. We were completely shocked when we were told we were already 8 weeks along.

Two months into pregnancy, I did not experience any morning sickness or nausea. Our pregnancy is going very well and even now at 19 weeks, we are doing great. Here is our 12 week ultrasound. You can see the growth from 8 weeks. Our baby is growing so fast and we cannot wait for our next anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks! We appreciate all of the love and support. It was extremely hard to keep this to ourselves. We are so thankful for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Stay tuned for the Gender Reveal and for more about our journey!!

Monique Diltz

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