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Join me this coming month for a 30 day Sugar Detox.

Let's face it, we are addicted to sugar. So much so that we go through withdrawal when we do not have it. We get nauseous, headaches, tremors, and even mood swings. Ever been HANGRY? Well it's likely because you have a sugar addiction. Detoxing the body is great for relieving your body's dependency on sugar and allowing your metabolism to work optimally.

What are the benefits of detoxing from sugar? There are several but I will highlight a few.

1) Better Gut Health: Too much sugar causes the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut. This eventually leads to many infections, poor digestion, and even constipation. The good bacteria is responsible for the breakdown of food and proper functioning of our intestines. Sugar arrests the growth of good bacteria leaving the gut exposed to the growth of bad bacteria from our food and even water. Eliminating sugar allows for our normal flora to thrive, improved digestion, and restores frequent bowel movements and peristalsis.

2) Gain more energy: Sugar gives you a rush of initial energy and then you eventually crash after the high has subsided. Just like any other drug, sugar gives you that initial high. It takes more and more to get the same euphoric feeling and after a while you find yourself several pounds overweight with several slices of cake in or pounds of sugar in. A Sugar detox will allow your body to burn fat and get a constant flow of energy. Your metabolism will increase and your body will adjust to the energy levels it needs over time.

3) Lose Weight Faster: Our bodies were not made to metabolize the amount of sugar we consume. The excess sugar we eat ultimately gets stored as fat. This fat usually develops around the abdomen and is the hardest to eliminate when losing weight. Eliminating sugar will decrease the amount of fat being stored and your boosted metabolism will begin to burn the fat that was stored along the way. Your body will begin to rely on your stored fat for energy instead of the sugar.

4) Eliminate cravings: Sugar manipulates your neurochemistry and causes you to have cravings for more sweets. This develops over time and most often you are even unaware of your addiction. If you have a sweet tooth, your neurochemistry is likely affected by sugar. You are unable to function without something sweet during the day. Detoxing from sugar, allows your brain to depend on the nutrients from your food and not crave refined sugar, which lacks nutrients.

5) Stabalize mood: Sugar causes mood swings. After you have it, your blood sugar spikes and a feeling of euphoria sets in. Once your blood sugar plummets, "the crash", you feel irritable, nauseous, and even sick. It usually takes another dose of sugar to feel better and the cycle begins again.

6) Feel fuller longer: If you are never satiated after a meal, you likely have a sugar addiction. Because sugar affects the normal flora, there is an imbalance of the nutrients you are actually absorbing from your food. This leaves you feeling hungry at all times until you have something sweet.

These are several reasons to try a sugar detox and reap the benefits of having more energy and your body working optimally. Apples and strawberries will start to taste like candy after this detox. You will actually begin to enjoy natural sugar instead of refined and processed sugar.

The detox will not be easy. There is sugar everywhere, including in bread, rice, cereal, pasta, juice, and the list goes on. You will have to cut back on so many products. So make preparations, look at nutrition facts, and go for it!!

Sides effects will include:

Brain fog

Mood swings



These will only last a couple days in the beginning as your body is getting adjusted to not having sugar. Drink plenty of water and push through. If you need to, eat a piece of fruit to get through.

Some supplements to have on hand during a sugar detox include:

1) Chromium - Chromium supports blood sugar metabolism keeping your blood glucose at a steady level. Less fluctuations, less mood swings, etc. Take 500mcg per day. It is great to have on hand during a sugar detox👍🏾!! It is also great for diabetics and those with uncontrollable blood sugar. As always check your blood sugar levels to keep track of how it works for you!! .

2) Cinnamon - Cinnamon lowers blood sugar by aiding insulin in moving blood glucose into cells. It is also great to have on hand during a sugar detox👍🏾. It is also great for diabetics and those with uncontrollable blood sugar. As always check your blood sugar levels to keep track of how it works for you!!

Anything done for 30 days becomes a habit!! I promise you, after 30 days, you won't even look at sugar the same. You will begin to appreciate the taste of food and the sugar the naturally produced in our fruits and vegetables.

Let's go!!! Let's do this together!!

Monique Diltz

Study on Sugar Addiction:

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