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RAW VEGAN: WEEK 5 - Phase 2

Avocado Toast on sprouted bread

We officially made it 30 full days of just eating raw fruits and vegetables!!! We made it ya'll!!! Whohoo!!! We actually did it!! Our results are incredible and life-changing! My husband is down 42 pounds and I am down 21 pounds in just 30 days!! These are mind-blowing results!!! Our blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been, Ron's fasting blood sugar was consistently under 100, and our energy is through the roof. We found ourselves getting down and playing with the kids more without getting exhausted, working on more projects, not requiring as much rest, and simply just lighter on our feet!! When I tell you I am incredibly proud of my husband for taking this journey, I am over the moon proud!! He took this fast seriously and was up for the challenge. To lose 42 pounds and to even be on a production set only eating fruits and vegetables shows the level of discipline and commitment he has for this journey. I am proud of you my King!! You are truly an amazing human being, and of course I have to mention that you are an amazing husband and father. We have more goals to reach, but with God, we are on our way.

We were excited about this week as we would be adding in nuts, seeds, and sprouted goods. This is Phase 2 of our journey. We were also able to

Super excited to add nuts this week!

I always shop the sales!

have overnight oats, nut butters, and dehydrated raw chips, sprouted cereal, sprouted granola and unsweetened nut milks. I was so excited to go shopping and search for the items we could have and what a surprise it was! My mother has been eating sprouted bread for a while and she shared with me the brand she uses. I found it in the freezer section and also found several other sprouted options. There is sprouted bread, sprouted bagels, sprouted english muffins, sprouted burger buns, and even sprouted waffles. My whole life was made!! Since, we are still on the raw vegan journey where nothing can be cooked, I decided to just get the sprouted bread, raw chips, and I also got a box of sprouted cereal to try. I picked up unsweetened coconut milk for the cereal. I did our usual fruit and vegetable shopping at Sprouts and picked up the other items at Whole Foods. I did see some really great deals in Whole Foods on produce this week. The key is to shop the sales. When I see fruits or vegetables on sale, I check the produce to make sure it is not going bad and grab a bag or two.

Delicious Fruit assortment this week

This week's menu looked like this:

  • 8am: Overnight oats or Sprouted cereal or avocado toast on sprouted bread

  • 11 am: Morning fruit bowl (assortment of fruits)

  • 1 pm: One slice of sprouted bread with peanut butter or almond butter or raw chips with salsa/guacamole

  • 4 pm: Nuts (handful of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios)

  • 6 pm: Vegetable Salad (Tomato, avocado, lettuce, carrots, beets, cucumber, cabbage) or Green drink

When I tell you we were stuffed from the addition of the nuts and sprouted goods. We ended up getting really full and

Sprouted Cereal

some days could not even have all of the meals. It is amazing how your body adapts to your eating habits in such a short period of time.

Overnight Oats

We were most excited to try the sprouted goods and they did not disappoint. The sprouted bread was delicious and we had the option of adding a nut butter with it. The raw chips by Brad's Raw chips were super tasty and crunchy. I paired them with salsa and guacamole and the combination was divine. I will say that I love it here!! I can stay at this stage of raw vegan for a while. It is going to be exciting to try the sprouted options. The sprouted cereal didn't have much taste when I tried it for the first time, but after the second day, I started to enjoy it more and more. My husband enjoyed the sprouted granola on his acai bowls and also added peanut butter. He was in heaven. The fruit of the week was honeydew, and it was so juicy and so sweet. Our children kept asking for more so I will definitely have to keep honeydew in the house.

My blood pressure this week was 106/62. I also had a reading of 89/66 one morning. My husband also had a reading of 106/65. I decided to cut his medication dosage

Raw Chips, these chips are not baked or fried but made with Whole Plants and dehydrated.

even lower. He is currently on 1/4th of his dosage and the goal is to get him off of his medication completely. I anticipate this happening in a couple more weeks. We monitor and check his blood pressure every day to make sure it is not dropping too low and to make sure his readings are where they need to be with his medication being adjusted. Thankfully, I am a pharmacist and I have the knowledge to adjust his dosage as we continue this journey. (Note: Please consult with your pharmacist or doctor before adjusting your medication dosage)

We added in light exercise this week and I came in at another 2 pounds down for the week for a total of 23 pounds down in 5 weeks. My husband dropped another 3 pounds for total of 45 pounds down in 5 weeks. This week was super exciting because we got to add in so many more food options, but I also reached my weight loss goal! I am currently 144 pounds and my weight goal was 145 pounds. 23 pounds ya'll!!! Whohoo!!!! What a journey!!! I am so excited and if any more weight comes off on this journey, that will just be extra and icing on the cake.

This journey has not been easy, but definitely rewarding. The baby weight has come off, my blood

pressure is the lowest it has been, my blood sugar is also doing well, I have more energy, and the incredible benefits go on and on. My husband will be off of his blood pressure medications soon, and his blood sugar is also doing well. My husband still had some goals to reach including getting his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis reversed, so we will continue this journey together. He visits the doctor again this summer and we look forward to that appointment. With God on our side, those goals will be met and exceeded.

Sweet and Juicy Honeydew

Stay tuned for more updates of the journey. Check out Week 5 Recap video below.

Monique Diltz

Added light exercise this week

Sprouted Bread

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