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Brazil Nuts: What's the Hype?

What’s the hype about Brazil nuts?

Brazil nuts are one of the highest sources of Selenium in the world. Selenium is normally found in soil and trace amounts get absorbed in our food and even water. Since our soil is not as rich as it once was, we get less and less from our food. However, what we don’t get from our food we get from our water and even the air.

Selenium is vital for immune function, fighting free radicals, decreasing inflammation, and is also important for thyroid function, sperm motility, and even hormonal balance.

Brazil nuts contain between 60 and 90mcg of selenium per nut so be mindful of how many you eat per day. The daily recommended intake is 55mcg and 70mcg per day for adults.

The maximum dosage per day is 400mcg. Taking too much selenium can result in toxicity and cause side effects like nervous system damage, acute upper respiratory distress, and effects on the hair and nails. However when taken moderately, selenium can be very beneficial for overall health.

I usually add it to our protein shake along with other nuts like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and cashews.

For men looking for a testosterone boost and sperm quality, a handful of nuts a day can be very helpful. Include one or two Brazil nuts along with your daily intake.

Monique Diltz

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